Democracy looks dark. It’s time to shine.

Hey there. I’m Joshua Johnson. Welcome!

I've spent more than 20 years in broadcasting, helping people connect despite their political or cultural differences. And I will never give up. The Night Light gives people like us a way to dig into tough issues with people who put connection above politics. Your financial support builds a community of readers, listeners & viewers ready to move democracy forward for everyone.

Before launching The Night Light I was an Anchor for NBC News and MSNBC, providing rare spaces for audience interaction in network news. There I had the honor of co-creating and anchoring two programs: “The Week with Joshua Johnson” on MSNBC and “NOW Tonight with Joshua Johnson” on NBC News NOW. I also anchored specials for Black History Month and LGBTQ Pride Month on NBC News NOW. Before NBC I was the founding Host of the NPR daily talk show “1A”, helping Americans connect despite their political differences. “1A” built a weekly audience of four million listeners nationwide.

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Host, "The Night Light with Joshua Johnson". 20+ years in broadcasting, including NPR (founding host, "1A"), MSNBC ("The Week") and NBC News NOW ("NOW Tonight"). Avid gym rat, Northeast émigré now in Las Vegas. Empathy is sexy. Leaders listen.