I had to relisten and write these 10 questions down for future reference. Thought I would share....

1. How do you know this?

2. What is this based on?

3. Who would corroborate what you just said?

4. What is your one strongest piece of evidence for this?

5. When did this belief crystallize for you?

6. Where did you get this information?

7. How would I verify this if I never heard it from you?

8. What evidence would your critics point to and how would you refute it?

9. What do you gain by convincing me that you are right?

10. Who told you this and what makes you believe them?

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What particularly resonated with me in this episode was: how do you talk to people that either are spouting conspiracy theories or just have views/values that are totally opposite of your own? I struggle with this all the time. It's easy to talk to like-minded people, but difficult for me to engage with those that come across as intolerant or extremist. I will have to listen to your list of 10 questions again and write them down. I think they could be a helpful start in quest for overcoming this problem. Thanks for making me think, Joshua!

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I have children, Joshua! But, it doesn’t take a parent to know that you are 100% correct.

What’s my story? My mother was a special ed teacher. ‘Severe & profound’ cases of mental health disorders in children were entrusted to her care. So what was my frame of reference for that!? Confronted daily with stories of children my age who couldn’t speak, engaging in compulsive self-harm, so-called crack babies, (and yes even heartbreaking stories from parents who, 30yrs ago, would approach her about how they blamed vaccines, but that’s not my point, and yes she still got us vaccinated)

My childhood frame of reference is that people come in all shapes and sizes, deserve care and respect, and have value. I mean, how could they not!? Because my mom dedicated her life to this belief and put in the work of connection & giving them a community! Truly a shepherd.

She gave me freedom to ‘make mistakes and get messy’ like Ms.Frizzle used to say. But, I was not given carte blanche. When I didn’t show others love, care, and respect I didn’t have to guess why she was upset. I knew I was wrong, I had seen what Light looked like, and my behavior did not reflect it.

You sir, are full of Light! I don’t agree with you on everything. Hell, I don’t agree with my mother on everything. But, I’m here for connection.

Thank you!

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Ahhhh....a voice of reason! This is a wonderful tool to help high school educators teach about disinformation. Thank you, Joshua.

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I needed something to listen to that wasn’t so one sided. I’m glad I found you again. You are a true visionary even if you don’t think so. Thank you.

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Compelling first episode. Well done!

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Excellent first episode! And thanks to fellow (uh...Nightlight? Lightning Bug? Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch?) Judy for the flashcard.

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