The Night Light with Joshua Johnson
The Night Light with Joshua Johnson
Ep. 21: Hunter Biden & House Impeachment / Quantum Computers 101 / Elon Musk's candid AI bot

Ep. 21: Hunter Biden & House Impeachment / Quantum Computers 101 / Elon Musk's candid AI bot


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Hunter Biden speaks outside the US Capitol on Wed., Dec. 13, 2023. He had refused to give a deposition to a House committee, calling for a public hearing.

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The US House is accelerating its impeachment investigation of Pres. Biden, largely related to troubles surrounding his son Hunter. What are the accusations? Who is Hunter Biden? Are the claims valid? And what does this have to do with Donald Trump? I’ll break it down as clearly as I can (which ain’t easy).

Also, AI continues to show up in new places, including a chatbot on X/Twitter. But there’s a much bigger computer innovation you need to know about. We’ll explain quantum computing in plain English.

And you’ll meet Elon Musk’s new chatbot, named Grok. An LA Times reporter had a surprisingly candid conversation with the bot on X/Twitter. Amazingly, it seemed to have a more level headed assessment of Mr. Musk than he does.

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