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Is Nikki Haley right about racism? / NH Primary Preview / SCOTUS debates "administrative state"

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Is Nikki Haley right about racism? / NH Primary Preview / SCOTUS debates "administrative state"

Former Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) taking part in a CNN town hall, 18 January 2024. (Courtesy: CNN)

Nikki Haley remains adamant that America was never a racist country. That’s entirely false. I’ll show you why, and consider why her stance might be politically shrewd.

The New Hampshire primaries are this Tuesday: possibly a make-or-break moment for Haley and/or Ron DeSantis. I’ll have a preview.

It’s been a longtime talking point in conservative circles: reducing the power of federal regulations, the so-called “administrative state”. I’ll break down some of the Supreme Court cases pending right now that could make that happen.


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