The Night Light with Joshua Johnson
The Night Light with Joshua Johnson
Joe Biden's Memory/Vegas Wins the Super Bowl/Racism Against Black Pilots

Joe Biden's Memory/Vegas Wins the Super Bowl/Racism Against Black Pilots


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What did President Biden remember, and when did he remember it? A report about classified documents turned into a scathing indictment of his memory: one he responded to angrily at a news conference Thursday night. I’ll break down the accusation, a gaffe Biden made during his response, and put it in context with his rival Donald Trump.

Super Bowl LVIII is this weekend, pitting the Chiefs against the 49ers. Who will win? Las Vegas wins, of course! My thoughts on the city’s rise as a sports powerhouse, and the phenomenon of legal sports gambling.

A new documentary tells the story of Black astronauts at NASA. We’ve come a long way, with stories like “Hidden Figures” revealing how African-Americans made the space program possible. But racist tropes persist, including among one of NASA’s top contractors: Elon Musk. I’ll break down how the conservative campaign against DEI initiatives is reviving old stereotypes.


03:34-Trump & Biden document probes
14:59-Biden’s memory
22:34-VP Harris fires back
30:24-Live listener comments
33:31-Biden news conference gaffe about Egypt’s president
40:40-Angry news conference moment
47:55-Age & mental health: what do we do?
1:03:08-Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas
1:17:55-Sports & Vegas: how did that happen?
1:30:13-Recall on some cheeses & snack foods
1:33:33-More listener comments
1:43:46-Black History Month: scientific achievements
1:44:53-NASA’s Black pioneers & “Hidden Figures”
1:49:57-Far-right racism against Black pilots
1:55:42-Major NASA contractor cosigns DEI misigivings
2:02:29-Am I a “diversity hire”, or do I belong here?
2:05:56-Final listener comments
2:11:58-Thanks for listening!