The Night Light with Joshua Johnson
The Night Light with Joshua Johnson
State of the Union, pre & post

State of the Union, pre & post


“Feisty”. That word keeps coming up in describing Pres. Biden’s 2024 State of the Union address. Democrats got their cardio in, standing and clapping and cheering as their party’s leader punched back hard at his critics. Biden joked about his age, heartily rattled off his Administration’s accomplishments and even jousted with Republican hecklers in the chamber. It was a dramatic shift from the President we often see: a man Sen. Katie Britt (R-AL) called “doddering and diminished” in her Republican Response.

Because yesterday’s show preceded the special State of the Union live chat, this episode is a day late. My apologies for that. In today’s show you’ll hear the preview to the speech, the analysis and audience chat that followed, as well as the analysis of Katie Britt’s remarks. We also had a little fun with the movie Clue at the very end: a healthy bit of silliness to end a long day.




7:06-SOTU preview

48:18-SOTU analysis & chat

1:09:02-GOP Response analysis & chat


Our next “Ask Me Anything!” is coming up. This time, I’m doing it a little differently. As before, paid subscribers will be able to submit questions, either through the live chat on YouTube, by email or in advance here on Substack. I’ll share the link soon with all paid subscribers.

But I’ll also make the live stream available for anyone to watch, regardless of whether they subscribe or not. My hope is that everyone who supports The Night Light will have the benefit of enjoying this lively, candid discussion as they see fit. Whether you’re a casual viewer, an active participant, an occasional listener or you’re just getting to know me, I’m so blessed that you consider this worth your time. The more chances for us to connect, the better.

The Night Light with Joshua Johnson
The Night Light with Joshua Johnson
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