The Night Light with Joshua Johnson
The Night Light with Joshua Johnson
The Night Light: 29 February, 2024

The Night Light: 29 February, 2024

Christian Nationalism and Alabama's IVF debate/Washington DC: the loneliest city?

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The justices of the Alabama Supreme Court. Chief Justice Tom Parker is seated, center.


Alabama is debating the future of in vitro fertilization after its Supreme Court ruled that embryos have the legal protections of children. This is a textbook example of why "Christian Nationalism" threatens American democracy. I’ll explain the “Seven Mountains” movement Alabama’s Chief Justice supports, and I'll lay out Bible verses that prove this movement ain't as "Christian" as it claims.

A recent piece in Axios calls Washington DC the loneliest city in America: perhaps too career driven to make lasting friendships. After living there for 3 years while I worked on NPR, I’ll share my take, and see how some lawmakers hope to address loneliness in America. Washington was a terribly hard place for me to live while I hosted 1A, but not for the reasons Axios thinks.

And speaking of my life in DC, my former employer WAMU has been in the headlines lately. First it laid off about 15 people while claiming it was preparing to expand local audio content. Then it blocked access to DCist, its beloved local news site and one of the best sources for community coverage in the region. Washington is awash in news coverage, but almost none of it is for the people who actually live there. Plus it’s just a crappy thing to do: lay off people from a website, then block future employers from seeing their work as they try to get new jobs? Come on, now! I’ve been biting my tongue on this, but today I’ve got to share my feelings on this and what I think WAMU needs to do now.

5:33-Alabama’s IVF ruling & “Christian Nationalism”
1:13:53-Famous Leap Day birthdays
1:16:30-Loneliness in Washington & across America
1:55:40-A critique of my old employer WAMU
2:07:37-Thanks for listening!

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It was one of the most talked about ads in the most watched Super Bowl ever: the Jesus-centered campaign He Gets Us. Executive Jason Vanderground explains what the group’s goals are, clarifies where its funding comes from, and answers a key question: who really has the image problem… Christ, or Christians?

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