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The Night Light with Joshua Johnson
Supreme Court rules on free speech in social media

Supreme Court rules on free speech in social media


Can government officials block you on social media if they don’t like what you say? The Supreme Court clarified that today with a new ruling. More cases are coming, including about the Biden Administration’s efforts to reduce COVID misinformation. I’ll break down today’s opinion and look ahead to the next case.

Today’s show was a big one - almost as long as the afternoon live streams I used to do. My goal really is to make the shows tighter… honest! And in the spirit of that, I’m breaking today’s program into two podcasts. Paid subscribers will get the second episode Saturday afternoon; free subscribers will have the show on Sunday.

In this weekend’s episode: The Supreme Court also punted on a case out of Texas involving drag shows on a public university campus. It’s not the end of the case, though… nor the end of West Texas A&M’s efforts to become a conservative bastion. I’ll explain what’s going on.

Also, you might want to wait before buying or selling a house. A settlement announced Friday would dramatically change the fees you pay.


Thanks to those of you who shared your stories about evangelical Christianity for my conversation with NPR’s Sarah McCammon. Her new book “The Exvangelicals” comes out on Tuesday. I’ll air our conversation on this Wednesday’s show (Mar. 20, 7p ET). Feel free to join the live chat and share your reactions to our conversation.


FYI, expect some changes to this Substack in the very near future. This page originally started as the home of a podcast, then evolved to a live streamed broadcast. All the while I’ve peppered in my original writing, but writing isn’t some garnish on Substack. It’s the main flavor. So you can expect more essays and original written pieces here, not just summaries of the podcast episodes. Also, posting the podcasts to multiple apps (Substack, Spotify, YouTube, etc.) is getting cumbersome enough to impede my writing, so that’s gotta change. More on that soon.

In the meantime, I dropped a survey in the last post asking what features people use the most often. It’s reposted here. Would you take 15 seconds please and share your response? It’ll help me focus on what serves you best.

Thanks, and have a wonderful weekend.


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The Night Light with Joshua Johnson
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