Sitemap - 2023 - The Night Light with Joshua Johnson

FROM MY HEART: my New Year's resolution to learn from the past

Episode 18: Covering Israel/Replacing Joe Manchin

Episode 17: Moderating Our Debates About Israel


Episode 16: House "Leadership" in the Search for a Speaker

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Episode 15: Conflict On Campus - How Universities Can Elevate Debates About Israel

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FROM MY HEART: My "Disney Wish" For Democracy

Episode 13: What Is Hamas? Why Does It Hate Israel?

Episode 12: Getting Our House (of Representatives) In Order

Kevin McCarthy: A Cautionary Fable

Episode 11: "Clinical Journalism" - My Big Idea to Reinvent News

Episode 10: Artificial Intelligence, and Civic Ignorance

Episode 9: Media Insanity, And A Brand-New Profanity

Episode 8: Ask Me Anything!

FROM THE HEART: I'm worried as hell.

Episode 7: How To Save the World - Talking About Climate Change (Part 2)

Episode 6: How To Save the World - Talking About Climate Change (Part 1)

Episode 5: Southern Hospitali...zation

Ask Me Anything!

Episode 4: Man Up! (whatever that means)

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The Night Light Ep. 3: SCOTUS Q&A

I had too much fun making these movie trailers...

Ep. 2 - With Liberty and Justice for... a Price

Privacy Policy

Ep. 1 - Disinformation, Homophobia and the Debate Over Debating

FROM MY HEART: Pain, Pride & Pat Robertson

Why social media is like a parking garage

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